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Your Car vs. Your Heating/Cooling System

bryant system


As spring approaches and we pull our cars out into the driveway to wash them off and shine them up, it is also a great time to make sure that your HVAC system is looked over and metaphorically given a new coat of wax. The similarities between your vehicle and your heating and cooling system are numerous yet we don’t place the importance on servicing the equipment keeping our families cool and warm as much as we do changing our oil every 3000-5000 miles.  I know that I am in the minority driving around a 13 year old car and having a highly efficient furnace and air conditioner but when my wife and I did Time/Cost analysis on those items we discovered that we spend a lot more time in our house than in our cars.  I know this one article isn’t going to change people’s mentalities  but what I hope it does is make you aware that you should give your system as much attention as you do your main mode of  transportation. How many people reading this are asking themselves “When was the last time I changed my air filter?” If you can’t answer that, it has probably been too long. Our lives have become so busy and sometimes it makes sense to have someone think about those things for you and to be the expert that you don’t have time to be. Signing up for spring and fall check-ups is an easy way to remember to do something that you have every intention of doing but just don’t have the time. How many of us would never go to the dentist if they didn’t schedule us out 6 months in advance? There are also always new products and features that are evolving in the HVAC industry just like in the automotive field. You can accessorize your furnace with special filters if you have someone in your house with breathing problems, or can have a hybrid heating & cooling system to match the hybrid car in your garage.  Have fun enjoying the ever warmer days while washing your cars, planting flowers, and playing outside with your children but make a call to a licensed professional to look over your system so you that you have the peace of mind that it is purring like a kitten.