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Monet in the Mechanical Room

When was the last time you grabbed some aged cheese, glass of wine, and made your way down to your mechanical room to admire the artwork?  I am not assuming that you keep your Dogs Playing Poker in with your furnace and water heater, I am literally talking about your furnace and water heater. I hope, that as you are visualizing your mechanical room at this moment, that it was the Sistine Chapel to a local plumbing and heating version of Michealangelo. A mechanical room offers so many opportunities for a licensed professional to take pride in his or her craft and show off their talents on a daily basis.

It is easy to overlook these masterpieces, mainly because most of us don’t know what we are looking at.  But like so many great paintings, the greatness is in the details.  Let’s start with the pipes that are coming into and exiting your furnace, are they parallel? Do they turn and travel with each other like a pair of figure skaters at the Olympics? There is writing on PVC pipe, did your artist take the time to line up the writing so that it is one continuous line throughout, or perhaps they preferred to turn all of the writing towards the furnace so that it wouldn’t be a distraction to the rest of their creation?

Your ductwork is a balance of cold hard steel that is strong and forceful while bringing the warmth (or coolness) of comfort throughout your house with perfect velocity. How your DaVinci tied together all of their puzzle pieces is as unique as their signature.  If you have a humidifier, a large filter cabinet, or a UV light it gives the professional an added challenge to blend them into your system like they were always meant to be there.  Those items also give you the added comfort of knowing your system is as beneficial to your family’s health as it is pleasing to the eyes.

Take a look at the screws, are they lined up? I’m serious. Some technicians take the pride in making sure everything is in perfect symmetry while others prefer a more VanGogh approach to their connections.  There are so many ways in which installers take pride in their daily tasks.  Their first priority is to solve a problem which you entrusted upon them but the ones who truly love what they do want to breathe life into a custom masterpiece each and every day that blends your needs with a certain flare.

I’m not suggesting that the next time you need a new piece of equipment that you get out the finger paints and have the estimators paint happy trees for you instead of getting quotes.  But I would ask that you ask some deeper questions about passion. We should all want someone in our home who looks at every installation or repair as a unique occasion to make their positive mark on another’s life. I hope this gave you a new appreciation for your “ordinary” furnace, water heater, or piping in your basement and the artisans who crafted it.  If, by chance, after reading this you feel that your mechanical room is more of an Andy Warhol than a Charles Monet, please feel free to give Bergen Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call, we’ll do our best to add a little slice of personality and pride.