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Bergen’s Best


At Bergen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we know your home is your oasis. You have a hectic life and a busy schedule. Properly working heating and cooling units are a necessity for home comfort, which is why we’re inviting you to join Bergen’s Best Preventative Maintenance Agreement. We want all of our customers to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with regular preventative maintenance on their HVAC equipment.

You depend on your heating and cooling units to keep you comfortable when you come home from a long day, and with that humid summer weather right around the corner, your home’s cooling equipment is about to become more crucial than ever. But rather than waiting for a system malfunction, why not service your cooling equipment before it decides to take the day off? That’s why we call it preventative maintenance. Avoid the hassle, the frustration, and the potential overtime fees that so often come with these inconvenient breakdowns.

The benefits of preventative maintenance go far past simply convenience. Regular maintenance will keep your units operating at their best, maximizing their efficiency and extending their life overall. Not to mention, preventative maintenance is a requisite of most warranties. We can’t promise you’ll go all year without a system error, but many of the regular issues we see that cause these sudden shutdowns can be easily prevented with regular maintenance. Plus, when you join Bergen’s Best, you’ll have a standing appointment on our schedule. We’ll call you every six months to check and service your units to ensure they’re working through every season. Let us take care of all the details.

We know how important these bi-annual service calls are in keeping our customers comfortable, so we’ve put our lowest price ever on these service calls.  For $69 per service with a three year price lock, Bergen’s Best is our best deal yet! We want to take care of our customers, and to do that we need to take care of your units. Join today and we’ll have you feeling fine at $69 all year.